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Best 3 Plugins To Turn WordPress Site Into eCommerce

If you are looking for ways to get digital, these are three best ways you could expand the scope of work of your business. These plugins come as a complete package to aid you in this process one way or another; with one being better at one feature while other excelling at something else. After a detailed study and proper …

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Migrating your HTML file into a WordPress file

Since WordPress is increasingly taking a drastic role in our life regarding content management system tool; it is quite obvious that half of the population will switch to WordPress tool. Here I am introducing few basic steps that will guide you to work with typical WordPress migration:   Evaluate your WordPress website: While working with WordPress content management tool, it's …

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Why You Should Use JavaScript Single Var Pattern and How?

Not all novice developers are aware of all the language rules and conventions, and dealing with plenty of them can be frustrating for some novices. If you're one of them, then using JavaScript can help you provide flexibility to apply rules and conventions. One great example of this is that JavaScript makes it possible to create any sort of variable …

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