Monday , 25 May 2020
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Migrating your HTML file into a WordPress file

Since WordPress is increasingly taking a drastic role in our life regarding content management system tool; it is quite obvious that half of the population will switch to WordPress tool. Here I am introducing few basic steps that will guide you to work with typical WordPress migration:   Evaluate your WordPress website: While working with WordPress content management tool, it's …

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Why You Should Use JavaScript Single Var Pattern and How?

Not all novice developers are aware of all the language rules and conventions, and dealing with plenty of them can be frustrating for some novices. If you're one of them, then using JavaScript can help you provide flexibility to apply rules and conventions. One great example of this is that JavaScript makes it possible to create any sort of variable …

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Plugins That Can Enhance the Productivity of your WordPress Website

Photo Dropper

Whatever nature of business you are conducting, if you can manage to get more work done quickly and efficiently, then you will either earn more money or have spare time to spend as you please. That is the main reason productivity has become the trendy topic among online website owners and bloggers. If you want to enhance your productivity, you …

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Magento Offers The Best Online Shopping Cart Solution

By considering the web trends, it can be observed that Magento makes a much sought after choice for efficiently running an eCommerce business. Its notable market success can be attributed to the high scalability, flexibility and security offered by the platform. Moreover, this open source CMS has made both e-store management and online shopping a fabulous experience. This has encouraged …

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How to disable WordPress comment

By default, WordPress keeps its comment function enabled whenever the user proceeds to create any new page or post. However, for those who don't find the comment section useful for their purpose can turn it off very easily with the help of some settings that we are going to discuss in this post. Below is a quick guide on how …

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BuddyPress- A handy plugin

Considering the ever-rising demand for social networking websites, it won't be wrong to say that switching from a plain website to a complete social media platform is an excellent business decision. If you're thinking in the same direction for your WordPress website, then this is a post which will serve as your perfect guide. Here, I've discussed about the very …

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How To Customize a WordPress Theme

Did you just finish creating a pixel-perfect website design and are waiting for your customers to come and visit your website? You might be able to draw in users' attention towards your site, however, to bring good traffic and encourage them to re-visit your site  requires putting in a lot of efforts. Although, there are lots of ways to make …

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3 social media marketing mistakes

social media channels

Gone are those days when Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are used to socialize on a personal level. Nowadays, the majority of the businesses is contemplating on how they can maximize the use of social media for their competitive advantage. No, these platforms are just not effective ways to promote a business, but are also increasingly becoming the venue to extend …

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WooCommerce: Augment Your Sales Using Product Bundle

Product bundling is perversive in marketing these days, and there are reasons for that. Customers appreciate when they get something packed in a bundled form, take the example of McDonalds “Happy Meal”. Bundling is a strategic pricing tactic where merchants can conveniently group products or services together and sell them as a single combined product. It's a competitive practice of …

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Biggest Benefits That CMS Offers

Considering the fact we have become accustomed to using content management system (CMS), it's hard to imagine not listening to the mention of a CMS by the client. That's because, a CMS system has become the de facto standard for developing websites. This post will help you explore the biggest benefits that CMS offers. But let us first discuss what …

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