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how to choose website name

How To Choose A Name For Your Website?

Choosing names is something that everyone underestimates until they're a new parent. You'd think that coming up with a name for your unborn child would be easy - pick a name you both like and have done with it - but that couldn't be further from the truth. Not only does choosing a name have to somehow fit the personality of this newborn child, but it also has to sound good when you shout it, not be too similar to the names of any previous exes (on either side) and be current without risking becoming dated... it's a nightmare and one that often results in children being nameless for weeks or even months of their lives.

Well it's no different when it comes to choosing a name for your website. The name you pick for your website will not just be what goes at the top of the page - it will also be the phrase people type in to get to your site, the brand they will remember you by and the name you'll use to promote yourself in various ways. And there are many other things making choosing a website name more difficult too, such as the fact that it mustn't be the same as any other website and the fact that it needs to be descriptive of what your site actually provides. Don't be surprised if you end up paralyzed for months on end - unable to move forward with your website because you haven't got a name yet. So how do you go about making this difficult decision a little more quickly and ensuring it will go down well? Read on for a little help... 


One of the easiest ways to come up with a website is to combine two words, which is how many businesses come up with their names. If your site aims to provide information and advice and is in the bodybuilding niche, then you might call it 'bodadvice' or 'liftinginfo'. There are a number of sites you can find online that will merge lots of related words for you and from there you can try searching for the ones you like to see if they're taken. 


Popular phrases can also work well for websites, as can putting a spin on a well-known expression. Sticking to the bodybuilding niche then, you could go with a relevant expression like '' or you could mix it up with 'know-how-is-power'. Either way, your site will be catchy because it's based on a well-known expression that people recognize and it will also tell people what your site is about implicitly.


Something else that can work quite well though is to try simply stating what it is that your site does and stringing it together in a catchy way. For a bodybuilding website then you could go with 'thissitewillmakeyoustronger', or 'articlesforyourmuscles'. It's quirky because it subverts the usual tropes of website names but at the same time it of course explains what your site is about and will have a habit of sticking in the mind. 

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