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how to hire a web designer

How To Choose The Right Web Designer?

Generally when you are looking for a web designer you will need to know some information about them before hiring the designer to do your work. The problem which many people have is inexperience at hiring these professionals to complete the work for them. This is when you should know about some of the questions you should ask in the web designer you plan on hiring. By asking these questions, you can find out some great information about the designer, but also know more information about the way your website will look once it is completed.


The first question you should ask is what kind coding the designer is using. Normally the designer will use a combination of coding, but you need to have a website which uses at least PHP or java. When you have these two types of coding, in addition to the basic HTML, you will have a website which is going to be interactive. However, the coding in use also makes it easier for you to prevent hackers from gaining control of your information. Without this, your website may become vulnerable to hacking or even worse dull and lackluster disappointing your customers.


The second question to have answered is how long it will take to get your website up and running. The answer to this question depends on a couple of variables, but mainly it depends on how long it takes the designer to get all of his or her work done. So you should find out how long it takes to get your website completed, because this may cut into your business, but also lets you know how long you have until you can start to send people to the website.


A third question you should ask of the designer is what kind of websites they have worked on in the past. Generally a web designer will be looking to show off their previous work. However, as a prospective employer, you need to know what kind of sites the person has worked on in the past. Then you can see what kind of website you can expect to have. Without this, you may end up having a new designer who cannot provide you with what you want to have.

And finally...

A fourth question to ask is if you can update the site after the first design or if you have to hire the designer to make the updates. Without getting this answer, you may end up in a long term contract where you have to contact the designer every time you need to make a little change. Then you end up paying quite a bit more for the website as a whole.

Starting a new website is one of the most exciting times for a person or a business. However, with all the advances in coding, you should know some questions to ask to make it easier to choose the right web designer. Once you have these questions answered, it is easy to select the best designer, even if you have never hired one of these professionals before. 

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