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How to disable WordPress comment

By default, WordPress keeps its comment function enabled whenever the user proceeds to create any new page or post. However, for those who don't find the comment section useful for their purpose can turn it off very easily with the help of some settings that we are going to discuss in this post.

Below is a quick guide on how to disable comments on your WordPress site.

Disable comments in just a single click

This is the easiest and simplest way to disable comments. Simply go to the WordPress Admin Panel >> Settings >> Discussion. In the Discussion meta box, you can see a section which reads “Default article settings”. Here, you have three checkboxes. Uncheck the option which says “Allow people to post comments on new article”. This is how the screen looks:

Disable wp comments from settings


The option enables you to turn off comments by default.

Deactivate Comments on Older Posts

There are times when you want to disable comments from the posts that are published already. Let's say, you want to end a discussion on some specific posts or if some posts are getting a lot of comment spam, then you can decide to turn off their comments. This can be done easily by going to “Posts” in your WordPress admin area, look for the post for which you wish you disable the comments and then click on the “Quick Edit” button to complete the process.

Disable Comments Globally

To turn off comments globally in WordPress, the first thing you need to do is simply install a plugin called Disable Plugins. This is a nice plugin that comes handy to globally disable comment on your WordPress site. Using it one can easily turn off plugins from a bunch of older posts, thus saving a lot of time from manually enabling them.

Simply download the plugin from the directory and disable plugin according to post type. Below is the screen shot of the settings page of Disable Plugin comment.

 Disable wordpress Plugin comment.The plugin allows users to disable comments from WordPress posts, pages, products, and media. Once you are done installing and activating the plugin, you can choose to turn off comments either everywhere or for any specific post types. You can opt for “persistent mode” if you want to keep comments disabled forever.

If you choose to go with “persistent mode” then the plugin will get deleted automatically after you save the settings. The plugin also lets you remove the entire comment-related fields with the help of edit and quick-edit options. For those who own a WordPress multisite, this plugin can be useful to disable comments on the entire network.


Note: Use this plugin only when you do not want comments to appear on your entire website. If your want comments to be turned off only on selected posts, then we advise you not to use this plugin.


Deleting Comments

If you have abandoned your website for quite a while and it got suddenly hit by a number of comment spam, chances are you might wish to get rid of all the spam comments to ensure the security of your website. In such a case, there is a plugin known as Delete Comments By Status can do trick for you. The plugin is quite resourceful for administrators who want to get rid of “trash” comments and “approved” comments altogether.


Just download and activate the plugin, then navigate to “Settings > Delete Comments”.

To Wrap Up

WordPress is the most flexible CMS platform of all the time, and its comments section further elevates this fact. It allows you to easily enable or disable the comment section depending upon your needs. You can change comment settings to allow or not to allow comments to appear on your old/new posts and pages.


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