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Ebay Website Selling Scams and How to Avoid Them?

Buying A Website Business can be a very lucrative way to starting a home based business, but one should always take certain steps and precautions before buying a website online. Website Sellers seem to choose eBay as a their #1 choice to market their websites. Lets take a look at some of the promotional material and selling tactics website sellers use to sell their websites.

5 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed by ebay Website Sellers.

1. Established Website

An established website is one that has been online and promoted for at least 6 months with the same domain name. It is a site that generates traffic and produces at least some kind of income. a lot of website sellers or resellers will purchase a domain name and implement a site on it then list it on a auction or market the very next day as an established website... charging more for this.

A domain name costs an average of $10 per year and does not increase the value of web design and programming by itself. find out if a site is "established" by first determining the age of the domain name. You can go online to look up a domain name, find out when it was created, and view how many times it's changed servers and possession.

2. Valuable Domain Name

This is the most commonly used and the most pathetic tactical maneuver out there. There's sellers that will provide an exaggerated assessment of a domain name based on its length, words, and extension. This in no way dictates the value of a domain name. A domain name is valued by its existence, traffic, and profitability.

In case you are truly interested in a site with a domain name in which the sellers shows a domain name appraisal it would be recommended to contact the seller and ask for a certified appraisal. This is not a copy created certificate with a number in it. It is a certified assessment from a authorized appraisal company that charges for their services. They research the name and all the content and traffic that goes with it

3. Website for less then $1.00 with no reserve

Now that sounds like a great deal! Who could pass up an offer to start a website business for under a dollar?... I should not have to verbalize any more but... the catch here is either a simple designed affiliate website that is being sold or a website that can be resold and the person selling the site wants to make you a hosting customer.

Most of the time these are people that have signed up as hosting resellers and they will do anything to build up their clientele. The hazard to you is resellers come and go like day and night. Some cannot keep paying their $50-$100 a month reseller account so all of their accounts get suspended (including your website) or in some cases these guys will build up 500-1000 clients as quickly as they can and then sell the hosting company as established with customers. You seldom know who your server administrators are and seldom know if your site will stay online and for what period of time.

4. Buy our websites and we`ll submit your site to the major search engines

Now that would be a real bonus not to have to pay a fee for this because the search engines are in fact the major factor in getting indexed right?...but...what they don`t tell you is that your site will get indexed automatically by Google, Yahoo, and Bing within days of it being online without manual submissions. Also you can obtain free submission software online that will submit your site to all the major search engines available. This is information usually unknown to an inexperienced webmaster.

5. Seller is making ten times more than everyone else & sells everything they list

He must be furnishing excellent support. Well perhaps...however since ebay changed their policies so people could not sell 1cent ebooks in order to influence feedback & power seller status some have found other ways. To be a power seller you must sell 100 items a month for three months straight or accomplish $1000 in sales each of three months.

In other words if someone getting in to this business is consenting to pay the fees it would make sense that they would bid their own auctions high in order to accomplish that status. Do not trust everything you see in these sales. In the event you need to know the reputation of a seller & if his/her product is top-quality then email him for a phone number. Call & Speak to the seller about any and all information you would like to know.

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