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Important Elements Every Website Should Have

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, and each should have its own unique flair. But sometimes, too much time is spent on the fancy, unnecessary parts of a website and the essential elements are lacking. This article will cover the essential elements and features your website should have, to make sure all of your readers are happy.

Simple navigation

There’s no use having the best content on the internet if no one can find the page it’s on. Users will not want to search through a jumble of badly organised web pages to find an interesting product they once saw. Make it easy to find by having a clear navigation at the top of your website, as this is where most users will look for it.It also helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by having all your web pages set out in a clear fashion. Your Site Map is not just a great place for your web viewers to find what you offer, but it also helps search engines to match your site to searches. Keep everything nice a tidy, with minimal pages hidden away, to make sure your website gets the traffic it deserves.

Mobile compatibility

At the end of 2012, it was estimated that 13% of internet traffic came from a mobile device. Considering the amount of internet traffic there is a day, it makes sense to ensure your website works on mobile devices. This includes everything from a tablet to a smartphone.It’s best to have a mobile version of your website. This version should load up automatically when your website is accessed on a mobile device. If you can’t get a site specially developed for this, make sure that your current site resizes and looks good when viewed on mobile. Cater to all your web users and make sure it looks good across all browsers and on all devices.

Contact information

Your website may be all about buying products, but it always helps to have contact information available. Showing that you are a real person or company makes your customers feel safe purchasing from you.This can be done in the way of contact forms, which let your get in touch with you by filling in appropriate fields to make an enquiry. Telephone numbers, email addresses, or even an office address make your users feel safer whilst on your site.

Avoid the 90’s

Gone are the days of busy animations, crazy color combinations and busy backgrounds. Although you may feel that it shows off skills to your website’s viewers, but simplicity is what’s fuelling customers nowadays. Ways to keep your website away from the 90’s mistakes include:

1.  Minimal use of animated images and Adobe Flash creations.
2.  Simple color schemes that fit your brand image.
3. Use stock imagery rather than clip art, or better yet, your own images.
4.  Too much text. White space is just as important as content.
 Your website needs to not only attract people, but make them want to stay and read what you have to offer. These essentials can help you to tailor your site to reach and retain your target audience. To make sure that your website keeps your viewers reading, keep it simple, succinct, and up to date.

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