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how to make your website visitors come back

How to Keep your Website Visitors Returning?

generate internet trafficA whole lot of successful sites depend on returning visitors. Returning visitors account for the majority of determining a websites success. Getting thousands of visitors a month to your website will not matter that much if they are all leaving as soon as they get to your homepage and not returning. Keeping that traffic on your website and returning is just as important as getting them to your website in the first place. Just remember that the key to building repeat traffic is to create a website or blog that is useful, unique and full of valuable content... 


Keep your website visitors returning with the following approaches... 

Fresh Content 

Keeping your site up to date with fresh content is one of the best ways to keep your customers on your site and attract them to keep coming back, you might have heard this over and over again, but it is what brings visitors to your site, if there was no content on your site, your site would be useless. It’s the text, images, and videos that you put on your website that makes it what it is, and brings in the visitors.

By also keeping your site fresh and up to date, creates curiosity within your visitors, as they always want to know what you are up to and see if anything new is on your site. A perfect way of doing this is by setting up a blog on your site, which you update regularly, with news, events, and other promotions and offers that you may be running. Everyone loves a blog.

Good Design

Believe it or not, if you don’t have a attractive and unique design with easy an navigation so that customers can flow from one page to another with ease, they will not stay. Design and the look of your website plays’ an important role in keeping your customers on the site. Keeping your site simple and straight forward is the key, just look at Google’s home page.

Social Networking

Being active on social networking sites like facebook, youtube, and twitter. Start interacting and staying in touch with your customers, because this will always attract them to your site. Many of the times they don’t get to know about the offers that you run on your site but by mentioning it on your network platform, your followers and previous customers will always return to your site to check out any new offers you may have. 

Run Competitions

If you lack in getting your visitors excited about your services and products, running a regular competitions for your customers and your readers can keep everyone in your network excited. Everyone likes to win and this will also encourage others to visit and explore your website.


From day one of your site start to build your mailing list, capturing customers email address, as this always comes in use on rainy days. On a regular basis you can send out to all on your mailing list the promotions, offers, news, tips and tricks encouraging them to visit your site.

Go that extra mile

Customers are always looking for best deal and value for their money. If you offer them an excellent item or service and go out of your way to ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied they will always come back to your site for more. This will also encourage them to tell others about your site and service, which will bring you new visitors, as they say “the best form of advertising is word of mouth.

Give something free

Saw my local doughnut shop do this very well, every so often they have a Happy Hour, where they give out free doughnuts, and the number of customers are doubled that day. There’s no reason why one can’t implement this technique online to attract new customers, and also to keep your existing customers coming back for more. You could have a period on your website once a day, week or month where you are giving away free samples or a gift with all orders ordered on your happy hour.

Once you have the desired traffic to your website, you should take certain steps to assure your visitors stay on your site and return. Providing quality content for your customers that is not only informative but also entertaining and engaging will help to generate web traffic from genuine online customers. Including current information on your products or services will help provide customers with useful information like trouble-shooting for common problems faced. Maintaining customer assurance and building customer loyalty will not only help establish your business and grow a steady stream of web traffic but will encourage your visitors to return... 
What are the main reasons why visitors are not staying on your site?

Boring content – They have become bored of your site.

Not Required – The information on your site is no longer required.

Lost – The visitor happen to came to your site accidentally.

Poor site – The site is not attractive and not functional.

Competitors – It’s your competitors who are merely keeping an eye on what You’re doing.

Better sites – Your visitors found a better site that offers them more.


Let’s look at a few more reasons why your visitors are not staying on your site or returning back.

Loading time

According to the most recent studies, one has less then 10 seconds to captivate a visitor. If ones website has slow loading pages, its over; you just lost your visitor to one of your competitors. Most of the time, it is because of big, slow-loading graphics that will decelerate the loading speed of your webpage. But if large images are absolutely necessary for your pages business, simply insert smaller thumbnails of your pictures on your pages and allow guests to click on them to enlarge it (preferably in a new window). As long as its up to the visitor to decide upon, nobody would object to a longer loading time.

Pop-up ads

There is not much to say about this but to AVOID them at all cost. A lot of people nowadays have pop-up blockers installed on their computer. So if your website is one that counts on pop-up windows to tell them something important, they wont even see it. In the end, having pop-up windows is just more trouble then its worth.


Like the article announced before, one has less then 10 seconds to grab a clients attention. With that said, guess how many people will actually hang around longer then they need to simply to view your elaborate animation?

Sideways scrolling

Make sure that your website will be displayed the way you want it on lower resolution monitors. Not everyone will have the same screen resolution as your monitor, so refrain from needing the visitor to scroll sideways. Also, if you page displays important information too far to the right hand side, there are chances it may not even show up on others screen. Simply put, its really quite unpleasant and you will likely end up losing the guest.


Having proper navigation is essential to any good website. Do not attempt to be all fancy and complex with navigational features. Just keep it straightforward and logical, it will help users keep control and enjoy surfing through your site. If the visitor keeps getting lost or if the links keep bringing him every which way then there`s a problem.Basically, avoid complicated interactive navigation such as menus that open up to sub-menus that open up to sub-sub-menus that open up to you get my point.

Contact information

Having a visible and easy accessible Contact Us link is always helpful. If the customer cant get in touch with your company quickly, they will most likely leave. A good idea is to have an entire page devoted to contact material such as phone, email, fax, etc. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT have large slow-loading graphics on this page. If the contact information does not load almost instantly, chances are the client will go to visit your competitors website. Also, when designing the Contact Us form or any other form on your site, keep it as short as possible. People do not enjoy answering a long list of questions.

Non-HTML features

Like for pop-up ads, a lot of people use blocking program like firewall to keep away from those annoying things that can potentially screw up their computer. Because of this, when visiting your page, a lot of clients may experience display and function problems as a result of your using of JavaScript, Java Applets, Cookies and so on. To be able to build a good and successful website, the use of non-html features is not necessary; therefore you should refrain from using them.

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