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Nine Easy Ways to Generate Traffic and Optimize Your Website

Now that you have successfully started and launched your website, there are nine ways that you can optimize your website that will attract more viewers, and turn those viewers into customers: blogging, business cards, cross-promotion, excellent content creation, Facebook, keywords, LinkedIn, linking, and Twitter.


Blogging is a great way to optimize your site. You can either create a blog through free services such as Blogspot or WordPress, or you can feature a blog on your website.Blogging  is a great way to provide interesting information for your customer. An added bonus is that viewers can respond to your blogs, and therefore start a conversation.

Business Cards

The old-fashioned business card is a traditional yet effective way to optimize your website. Business cards still work well, and they are an effective way to network in person, especially after a meeting or presentation, and on the off-chance that you do not have your cell phone or computer with you. Vistaprint is a great online service that will provide inexpensive and professional-looking business cards.


Blogging and cross-promotion goes well together. Check out other blogs that are similar to yours. Comment on them and become a follower. In return, the other blogger may follow you. You can take another step and ask the blogger to guest post.  By cross-promotion, both you and the other blogger will increase visitors and potential customers.

Excellent Content Creation

Excellent content creation is the most important part of a website. If you do not have engaging and interesting content, your visitors will look elsewhere. Be sure to check for grammar and spelling, as readers do notice when writing is well-crafted.


The power of social networking is taking the internet by storm. Setting up a Facebook account and promoting your website and making friends will attract likes and shares and views.  You can let your friends promote and optimize for you.


Keywords are an art form when it comes to optimizing a website. The trick is to include the keyword (or phrase) inside a sentence so that is reads naturally.  Also, using keywords only a specific amount of times and spaced evenly throughout the article will make your content easy to read. If you craft your sentences well, your keywords will do the work for you.


This is a great social networking website for professionals, and it is a great way to network with others in your field. Like other social networking sites, you can set up your profile and have your website with your name. You can network by adding people and giving recommendations and references.  This is also a good site if you are recruiting potential employees.


Linking is another way to cross promote and optimize your website. You can provide a link to another blog or website.  Make sure that the links are live and appropriate for your website, as dead links will irritate your readers.


If you prefer your optimization to be short and sweet and micro-blogging is more your thing, Twitter is a powerful way to optimize your website and get your message across in 140 characters or fewer. On your Twitter page, you can have your website listed under your company name. Also, you can network by tweeting and redirecting followers to your blog or website.

There are many more methods to optimize your website. The above listed techniques are very simple and the majority of you can easily do this yourself. If you are one of the millions of bloggers using WordPress, to host your site, then you should take a look at the complete beginners guide to WordPress Seo  to learn all the details of optimizing your WordPress site.

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