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How To Customize a WordPress Theme

Did you just finish creating a pixel-perfect website design and are waiting for your customers to come and visit your website? You might be able to draw in users' attention towards your site, however, to bring good traffic and encourage them to re-visit your site  requires putting in a lot of efforts. Although, there are lots of ways to make …

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3 social media marketing mistakes

social media channels

Gone are those days when Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are used to socialize on a personal level. Nowadays, the majority of the businesses is contemplating on how they can maximize the use of social media for their competitive advantage. No, these platforms are just not effective ways to promote a business, but are also increasingly becoming the venue to extend …

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WooCommerce: Augment Your Sales Using Product Bundle

Product bundling is perversive in marketing these days, and there are reasons for that. Customers appreciate when they get something packed in a bundled form, take the example of McDonalds “Happy Meal”. Bundling is a strategic pricing tactic where merchants can conveniently group products or services together and sell them as a single combined product. It's a competitive practice of …

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