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Plugins That Can Enhance the Productivity of your WordPress Website

Whatever nature of business you are conducting, if you can manage to get more work done quickly and efficiently, then you will either earn more money or have spare time to spend as you please. That is the main reason productivity has become the trendy topic among online website owners and bloggers.

If you want to enhance your productivity, you could begin by reading a blog related to this particular topic. In fact, you could install a productivity application on your computer or mobile device.

Another option to increase your productivity is by installing plugins that can help you work faster and more effectively, particularly when you have a WordPress website or blog. We will cover some of the finest WordPress plugins to help improve your productivity.


1. Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics Dashboard plugin will provide you the access to your Google Analytics data directly in your WP blog. Basically, it allows you to see your analytics data from your WP dashboard. In fact, you can also allow another user to view the same information when they logged in or embed parts of the data into the posts or as a part of your theme.

However, it doesn’t offer the tracking code for Google Analytics. But for that, you need to use a plugin such as Google Analytics for WordPress. There is also a GitHub Project for Google Analytics Dashboard plugin used for bugs and feature request.

2. Organize Series

Organize Series

It is always great to write a series of related posts for targeted readers. It gives a bit of SEO benefit via interlinking blog posts. It will help you to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results. However, it can be pretty difficult to add all links, particularly if you write posts over a long period of time, and then need to go back to old posts to add the link to your new post. In such a situation, you can use the Organize Series plugin.

Organize Serious is a great plugin for WP that can create and manage the series of posts in WordPress with ease. It works by inserting a new taxonomy in your WordPress, as well as, selecting categories and tags for all the posts that you write. In fact, you can also add it to a series, or make a new series. Then, the series information will be added to every post that is a part of a specific series with automatic links to the rest of posts in the series.

3. PhotoDropper

Photo Dropper

It can be annoying to search out images for illustrating blog posts, as it takes some time to find out the perfect images, download them, optimize them, and then upload and add them to the post. In this case, PhotoDropper plugin comes that enables you to do all of these without having to leave your WP dashboard.

With this plugin, you can find, license and embed more than 250 million photos without even leaving your WordPress dashboard. In just a few clicks, PhotoDropper lets you find out from the millions of eye-popping and creative photos that can fit to your business needs.


4. EG-Attachments


EG-Attachments is a great WordPress plugin that add a shortcode to present the list of attachments of a post, along with buttons and other details. This shortcode can be utilized with various options.

It produces a shortcode to showcase a list of files that are attached to a post, so you only need to upload your files and paste them in the shortcode. Then, the files will be presented along with a button, file name and its size that you can change whenever you needed.

5. Really Simple Guest Post Plugin

Really Simple Guest Post Plugin

If you want to add new content to your website without spending a lot of time, then accepting guests post is an ideal way to do so. Publishing guest post is faster than writing a content by own, but still you have to spend a lot of time in replying to emails from guest posters, uploading, and editing content.

In this situation, you can use Really Simple Guest Post Plugin that allows you to streamline the procedure by crafting a form on your website to submit a guest post to your site. After submitting a post, it will automatically save as a pending post in your dashboard and gives you the flexibility either to publish or delete it if you are not convinced with the content.

Wrapping up

In this blog post, we covered the top five WordPress plugins that can help you improve the productivity of your online business. With the use of such types of plugins, you can effectively and efficiently work and generate leads without much effort. Choose the most suitable plugin from the above list and enhance your site’s productivity.

Author Bio:- Tracey Jones is well known as a WordPress developer by profession, associated with HireWPGeeks Ltd. If you are looking for expert developers to customize your WordPress websites, then you can easily hire a WordPress customization expert with the assistance of her. Follow her company on various social networks: Twitter, Facebook and GooglePlus.


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