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restaurant webdesign
restaurant webdesign

Restaurant web design : 5 important elements to consider

Every website has some important design elements that depend on the type of business it is representing on the Internet. Restaurant websites are somewhat different than other business websites. Let’s take a look at 5 important web design elements that are usually added by the restaurant web designers.

1- The Menu

The menu is the most important element for any eatery. This is the primary and most visited section of the any restaurant website. Customers expect to see the prices in this section and they get an idea about the food they will be served when they visit the restaurant. The menu should be attractive and easy to find on the website. It is necessary to keep the menus updated at all times and have different listings for regular menu and food attractions or specials served at your restaurant. People visiting restaurant websites are generally impressed by the menu section and this web design element looks like a credible establishment.

2- Photographs

Photographs are the important web design elements of a restaurant website. Since every eatery is different, the primary goal of the photographs is to tickle the taste buds of the folks and get them to your physical storefront. Photographs clicked by professionals are highly recommended as this web design element function as visual marketing tool. Besides images of food, photographs showing people enjoying food at your restaurant, your chef preparing food in the kitchen or any photographs that make your restaurant unique will have positive effect on the mind of visitor.

3- Reservation information

If you take bookings, it is an important web design element for your website. It is necessary to provide means to customer to make bookings from your restaurant website. Online bookings facilities through your website can create a good impression on your customers mind as it offers convenience and saves time. Smart phones have become common devices in modern lifestyle and majority of the people will prefer booking online while travelling. There are several Net companies that can develop application which simplifies online bookings through your website. You may find considerable increase in the flow of customers if you offer easy online reservation facility from your website.

4- Restaurant addresses and phone number

It is the most basic web design element that is usually added by restaurant web designers. Without proper address and phone numbers, your restaurant will lose its business to its competitor. The restaurant address and contact information should be easily accessible and visitor should get the information with one or less clicks. If the physical venue of the restaurant is not familiar or difficult to find, it would be nice to provide a map with driving directions. It is also necessary to providing a printing option for the map.

5- Database opt-in form

An email-list to connect to your customers is a great idea to build business and increase its value. Restaurant web designers suggest restaurant owners to add opt-in form in their restaurant website which collects customer’s information such as date of birth and email addresses. The information collected through opt-in-form can be used to personalize services for your customers. For example, you can send birthday wishes to your customer through email and also offer a special discount on birthday celebrations at your venue.

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