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3 social media marketing mistakes

Gone are those days when Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are used to socialize on a personal level. Nowadays, the majority of the businesses is contemplating on how they can maximize the use of social media for their competitive advantage. No, these platforms are just not effective ways to promote a business, but are also increasingly becoming the venue to extend customer service post-sale.

As such, implementing the most appropriate social media marketing strategies proved to be a great way for reaching out the target audience and interacting with them. Oppositely, choosing the wrong platform and implementing the wrong strategies can damage a brand’s online reputation prodigiously. They don’t only drive your prospects away, but these can alienate them from your brand.

Let’s take a closer look at the different mistakes the social media marketing implementers make that essentially ruin the brand’s credibility.

1) Building a social presence un-strategically

Absence of effective social media marketing strategies only pertains to wasting resources. You will never know whether the effort is working for your brand or not, so there should be key performance indicators or critical success factors. Social media must include clear and measurable goals. This is the only way you can evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign in general. Through this also, you can make adjustments accordingly if the results proved to be ineffective.

2) Failing to understand the customer needs

Do you have a good grasp of the needs and wants of your customers? Are you aware of the challenges they face? Can you clearly describe why and how you are the best brand to help them solve their problems? This should be reflected when creating a social media marketing plan. You need to define the totality of what makes an ideal client including their characteristics, behaviors and demographics. The goal should be understanding their real, felt and immediate needs and fill the void by presenting yourself as the one that can provide the right solutions.

3) Responding to customer feedbacks selectively

First, only about 5-8% of your customers will post a comment regarding your product or service. When you receive a comment, addressing it is important be it positive or negative. Second, most of the brands delete negative comments or reviews without realizing its impact. Don’t! Instead, reply back immediately and offer solutions. If it means giving the dissatisfied customer with coupons, then so be it. Quick responses are appreciated hands down. Such practice will put the firm in a much better public perception. Who knows your worst critic can eventually become your brand ambassador.

With a solid social media marketing plan that includes everything from setting up social profiles on which platform to hiring a specialist to manage the accounts, it won’t be surprising if your brand is at the top-of-mind of your prospects. Remember that you are going social not just because everyone’s on social media right now. Rather, you are building a social presence because you want to interact with your prospects and customers on a more personal level. Now that’s a real social strategy!


Author Bio : Cris is a blogger and a freelancer. Currently writes and blogs for Optimind, a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that provides different services including SEO, web design, mobile app development and much more.

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