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Website Builders: Technology Boon For Small Businesses

Website builders are online application platforms that enable users to create their own websites. These tools provide access to all the necessary components and an application interface that enables you to assemble a website without coding. Their design is targeted at the entire market demographic ranging from those with experience in web design and coding to novices. These allow a business to create a website and have it up and running within a short span of time. They have proved to be a technological boon, particularly for small businesses because: 

1. Price considerations

Small businesses have access to limited resources and need to balance their expenditure effectively. However, online presence is now mandatory for businesses that seek to succeed in the competitive market. Website builders address this need by lowering the cost of designing and creating a website. By automating the process, they eradicate the high costs of hiring a web designer. Furthermore, since maintenance of the resultant website is easier because there is no coding to be done, this eliminated the cost of support personnel for the small business. 

2. Technology simplified

Web technology can be complex to a novice user, and this limits the uptake of such technology. Nowadays this is not a hindrance to a small business. Website builders simplify the process of building a website into an activity that can be fitted into a single afternoon. The best platforms provide point and click editing interfaces. These are easy to use and enable the user to see the outcome as they work. This enables the user to create a website that has beautiful graphics and reflects their original intention without being forced to learn complex web languages. 

3. Provide a level playing field for small businesses

They enable a small business to create an online brand that can rival that of the major companies. Branding has long been a preserve of those with access to a larger reserve of resources. However, this is no longer the case because a business can use website builders to create a website that rivals those of bigger businesses. This is extremely crucial in an environment where transactions are increasingly being performed online. SSL technology enables secure online transactions using personal bank information or credit/debit card details and is now available on website builders. SSL refers to the Secure Sockets Layer, and this is a security protocol that enables encrypted transmission of information by providing peer to peer security. This enables a small business to engage in online trading. 

4. Easy to use

Not only is the creation process of the website easy but maintenance repair, and modification are also easy. This is because the website created can be administrated or edited from anywhere provided the administrator has a stable internet connection. Since the administration is usually undertaken over a web extended application interface, the administrator does not need to be a professional. You log onto your account, undertake the changes you wanted to make and then save these changes. 

5. SEO Optimization for business websites

Website builders will ascertain the purpose of the website you are creating in order to optimize the result. Search engine optimization employs the use of specific phrases that are commonly used to find particular information. These phrases are termed keywords and are determined by popular internet usage. Website builders will optimize your website to be found by providing content and design formats that are compatible with search engine indexing robots. Some will undertake to provide you with information about how to best utilize SEO techniques to boost traffic to your website.

Website builders have enabled small businesses to participate in online commercial activity, and bridged the technological gap that was created by large businesses due to cost and other constraints.

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