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WooCommerce: Augment Your Sales Using Product Bundle

Product bundling is perversive in marketing these days, and there are reasons for that. Customers appreciate when they get something packed in a bundled form, take the example of McDonalds “Happy Meal”. Bundling is a strategic pricing tactic where merchants can conveniently group products or services together and sell them as a single combined product. It's a competitive practice of making any product or service more appealing to the buyer, which otherwise would not be possible when purchasing the products separately.

The benefits leveraged by opting for product bundling strategy include demand inducement and revenue enhancement. Irrespective of what business they are in, manufacturers favoring the product bundling strategy benefit from the improvement in costs through economies of scale. Bundling is also preferred to encourage customers to look at an individual product as a satisfactory source of their diverse needs.

However, if you are one of those who are using WooCommerce for e-commerce related needs can efficiently make the most out of the product bundling strategy using an extension such as Product Bundles. Using this exemplary plugin, it's quite easy for you to build complex products and come up with bulk discount combos by mixing both simple as well as variable products. Product Bundle is also compatible with some of the leading WooCommerce extensions, including Product Add-ons, Subscriptions, and Composite Products. No matter what product or service you want to bundle, Product Bundle has everything that helps you achieve the goal of profit maximization while creating total price value for your customers.

Product Bundle extension by WooCommerce also allows you to define bundles and some other parameters such as shipping mode, shipping rate depending upon bundles or on the customer selection. All these can be easily showcased as the time of checkout process. Also, it's possible to keep a firm track of your inventories, you can also determine the items and their quantities to be included within a bundle, and also customize it as per your customer preference. Additionally, description can also be changed depending on the selection of the type of bundle selected, and all that in the manner most effective.

An Overview of the Key Features of Product Bundles 

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  • Products can be created and sold using any combination of simple, variable, and downloadable products in an attractive way.
  • Sellers can define the quantity, size, and discount to be provided with each bundle, also give choice to the customers to opt for customized bundles.
  • The bundled products are inventory managed and the bundled product type are stock managed.
  • The look of bundles can also be customized using the custom CSS and fit seamlessly with your WooCommerce store.
  • Also there are variety of themes available designed to manage WooCommerce Product Bundles in the best possible manner.
  • The presentation of bundle items can also be customized by- showing or hiding bundled product images, altering the default product titles or short descriptions.
  • Seller can be defined on the basis of both content and static based prices, which might also include discounts.
  • Not only this, it is also possible to define shipping methods like whether to ship together in one package, shipped individually, or not at all.
  • Product Bundles is also ideal for creating product kits, assemblies, or combos which can be sold optionally at discounted prices.
  • Apart from it, Product Bundles also comes packed with a very intuitive interface and is fully integrated with WooCommerce.
  • It is also very easy to use and install. Documentation is also included with clear examples if you need any help regarding the utilization of the extension.

Some Additional Points to Know

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The Product Bundle extension does not allow products which are grouped in a Bundle to be further divided in sub-groups. Also, the extension can only be used for creating non-componentized, static product packages. The extension is flexible in the way it allows you to bundle product and also mark them as optional. However, if your kit, Assembly or Combo consists of groups, properties or attributes which lets you choose between multiple product alternatives for eacg and every one, then Product Bundles might not to be your choice. For this you can better opt for another extension such as Composite Products , which allows you create advanced product kits by compositing existing products. WooCommerce also provides some other dynamic extensions which provide various methods for selling multiple products together. They include: Grouped Products, Chained Products, and Force Sells. All these extensions are great in their own way and perform similar jobs, but with slight differences. Therefore, whatever you may choose, it is recommended to have an in-depth understanding of your needs and capabilities and then decide which one is appropriate for you. Read the documentations carefully before reaching to any conclusion.

Product bundling provides benefits to both service providers and manufacturers. When utilized properly, it can ensure increased revenues to suppliers and added value to the customer. Designing a  proper blend of different forms of bundling can be a very rewarding action plan for online sellers.

About Author: Emily Heming is a professional WordPress developer for a leading Photoshop to WordPress conversion company. She also provides conversion services like HTML to WordPress theme and many more. She has served many companies helping them in developing user-friendly website.

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