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Is WordPress Beneficial for SEO Success?

WordPress is one of the best content management systems and open source web design tools available to anyone who wants to start a website or blog. We often get a lot of questions about SEO and wordpress, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and its recommendations help your site to rank higher and more accurately in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. WordPress, having both it`s advantages and disadvantages, has some good benefits when it comes to SEO.

Now let's look at some of the different SEO benefits wordpress offers.

Google Likes and Appreciates It

It is a proven fact that wordpress websites rank very well in Google search results pages and also in competitive markets as well. Therefore, it can be said that Google supports this platform and therefore wordpress sites have a high “trust factor” in the eyes of Google.

Speedy Content Creation

The major objective of building wordpress sites is that they are built to run. They are designed for speed and the publishing of content at a continuous and speedy rate. On a static html site, the speed of content creation generally takes much longer and involves hard-coding of the article. On the other hand, using wordpress for your websites will take lesser time to create and publish your content. Using WordPress for your site brings broadness to your keyword families and therefore makes your site much more user-friendly.

Benefits of Crawl ability

This is an important criteria, websites must be crawled by search engines in order to be indexed properly and appear in the search rankings. Therefore, WordPress is a familiar ground for search engines as the internal logic and link structure is quite easier and familiar at the same time.

Benefits of Plug-Ins and Support

Well, even before going into the details of plug-ins and their benefits, let us describe plug-ins first. Plug-ins are third party software modules that website owners can install optionally in addition to the wordpress default installation. WordPress has a large community and the number of plug-ins available for SEO has grown immensely. These plug-ins are very useful and provide support for manual Title Tags and Meta Descriptions at a much faster rate. Therefore, these plug-ins do hold a significant role in wordpress and SEO.

Generating Fresh and New Content

This is one of the major advantages that a wordpress site undergoes and is one of the biggest features of WordPress. When creating or publishing new content for your site, it will initially get a boost in rankings during the first few days. This is definitely very important for anyone trying to rank high on a search results page. Your site needs to be updated with current topics and news as both Google and web-surfers appreciate fresh, unique and informative content.

Pings, Comments and Trackbacks

Pings and Trackbacks are the most interactive features built into wordpress. These effective and supplementary tools help other sites to interact with WordPress sites thus bringing in more traffic, inbound links and visitors.

Therefore, wordpress certainly has many benefits in the field of SEO and if you are planning to build a website that is user-friendly and gets a lot of traffic, then you must opt for a wordpress site.

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