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joomla wordpress drupal comparaison

WordPress Drupal Joomla Comparative

For managing all forms of content on your professional website, using a good CMS (content management system) platform is of the essence. Several high-quality CMS platforms are available online – among which WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are easily the most popular ones. In the present article, we will perform a brief comparative study of these three CMS web design options, based on the following factors: 

Ease of usage

WordPress is easily the most easy-to-use CMS platform. Setting up a WordPress website hardly requires any technical/coding knowledge. Drupal, on the other hand, requires in-depth technical expertise and programming knowledge on the part of the user. Joomla lies between these two, as far as ease of usage is concerned.
Option for adding plugins – There are loads of readymade plugins that can be installed on a WordPress-based custom web design theme. Joomla also offers plugin setup options, but to a much lesser degree. Finally, for a Drupal-based website, you will probably need to create most plugins from scratch. 

Type of websites where they should be used

If you wish to create a blog website, with fairly simple website designs – you need not look beyond the WordPress platform. The Joomla platform serves best, when you wish to combine the regular features of the website, with social networking options, and greater content scalability and management options. However, if you are planning to launch a virtual shopping portal (or any other site where systematic database management would be required), using the Drupal platform would be necessary. 


When it comes to website security, Drupal websites easily rank as the best. At the other end is the WordPress CMS platform, which is simplistic, and comes with minimal security options. The security features of Joomla are more advanced than that of WordPress, but are not at par with those of Drupal. 

Visual options

You can choose from a wide range of differently-styled free WordPress themes for your new website. Such extensive options to choose themes are not available, when you use the Joomla platform for your website. For a Drupal website too, the range of alternative themes is somewhat limited. Find out more about how you can choose a free WordPress theme – right here! 

Community support

If you wish to have robust community support for your website designs and CMS solutions, WordPress would easily provide you the best service. The number of forums, online discussion sections and communities for WordPress is extremely high. Communities are present for Joomla and Drupal as well – but their number is nowhere as close to those for WordPress. 

Interface features

Both WordPress and Joomla (to a slightly lesser extent) come with simple, easy-to-understand interfaces. The user-interface of Drupal is streamlined according to the coding involved – but you will need some time to get used to it. 

Structure of the static pages

The format and the structure of a Joomla website is much more sound than those of a WordPress website. You will need additional plugins to manage the static pages of a custom website design theme, powered by WordPress. The static page system of Drupal is good enough, but managing it requires high-end technical expertise.
Development cycle and frequency of updates – By virtue of being the most simplistic, the WordPress CMS web design has the shortest development cycle, with variations and new updates being launched frequently. The development cycle is the longest for Drupal (since it is the most technologically advanced platform). Joomla, once again, lies between the two, on this count. 

Availability of professional developers

Finding an expert Drupal web developer is much trickier than getting in touch with a WordPress site development professional. Experts in Joomla are also relatively easy to find. Since WordPress does not require much of technical knowledge, chances of 'sham' developers are also higher for this CMS platform.
Joomla also lags behind WordPress and Drupal, in terms of integrated search engine optimization (SEO) plug-ins and features. You can research on the web, to find out WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla development experts from your locality. For example, if you are based in America, you can easily get the profile details of several experts on CMS web design in USA . Determine the CMS platform you need for your website, be familiar with all its features, and start using it. Choosing the right CMS is, after all, extremely important for the success of any business website. 

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